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Nondisclose provides an indisputable, reliable, and enforceable proof of prior art that is valid in France and internationally.

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Registration with Nondisclose it's
Fast Economical Secure Unlimited Archived

Nondisclose is Fast


Fast, simple, and intuitive document registration.

Nondisclose is economical


Average registration prices that defy competition without compromising on security.

Nondisclose is secure


AES256 encryption
SHA256 fingerprint
Blockchain registration

Nondisclose is unlimited


Unlimited number of registrations
Unlimited number of files
Unlimited file size

Nondisclose is archived


100% visibility.
Your documents are stored and accessible at all times.

Registration made easyin 5 steps

# 1 Documents
# 1 Documents
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Drag and drop the documents to be registered

Select your working documents and the final creation. Regardless of the document format and size (video, text, spreadsheet, photo, code...).

#2 Description
#2 Description
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Give a name to your registration

Name your registration, it will be easier to identify in your personal interface. Add a description, the more details, the better for your protection.

#3 Video
#3 Video
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Record an explanatory video*

*This step is optional. This is where you can customize and complete your registration. On your computer, describe your project in detail. This video will be an integral part of your registration.

#4 Validation
#4 Validation
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Finalize the registration

Have you selected everything that proves that you are the originator of this creation? Every detail matters.

Validate, it's registered!

#5 Certificate
#5 Certificate
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You are protected! The time-stamped registration certificate has been sent to you by email

Your registration is encrypted, marked with a unique and unfalsifiable digital fingerprint. It is recorded in the blockchain, giving it a certain date of prior art.

Nondisclose protects businesses of all sizes

All departments of the company protect the intellectual property of a project at every step, from its inception.


Find all company registrations in a single interface.


Download your certificates at any time from your interface.


Organize company registrations by teams and projects.


Manage user access rights and restrictions.


"Since I started registering my creations with Nondisclose, I feel much more comfortable when approaching showrooms. I also feel that it enhances the credibility of my work. I am really impressed by its advanced features and ease of use. I highly recommend this software to anyone looking to protect their intellectual property in the fashion world." Léa - Fashion accessories designer NONDISCLOSE FOR FASHION ⟶

"I have been using this software for several months to protect my intellectual property in my designs. It is easy to use and allows me to effectively protect my creations. I am reassured to know that my designs are protected against unauthorized use. I highly recommend this software to all designers who want to protect their work."

David - Designer


"I have been using this incredible software to protect my copyrights for several months, and I am really impressed by its ease of use and reliability. It has helped me protect my creations from fraudulent use and effectively manage my copyrights. I highly recommend this software to all musicians and professionals in the music industry who want to protect their intellectual property." Mika - Musician / Composer NONDISCLOSE FOR MUSIC ⟶

"I have been using this software to protect my artworks for several months now and I am really impressed by its ease of use and powerful features. It has allowed me to effectively protect my ideas and creations from plagiarism. And I have all the history recorded. It is really perfect for those looking to protect their intellectual property." Zoe - Artist / Graphic Designer NONDISCLOSE FOR ARTWORK ⟶

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