Protecting intellectual propertywithin a companyis a shared responsibility.

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“It is crucial to protect one’s creations and implement appropriate measures to preserve company intellectual property rights.”

protect ideas as a team

Organize registrations in collaborative mode.

Create teams, organize projects, and share folders to protect ideas together.

The creator themselves mobilizes their energy, skills, and uniqueness to create. The legal department guarantees the rights associated with this creation. The sales and marketing department is responsible for the commercialization and external promotion of this work or project.

Classify registrations by project in one place.

Thanks to shared folders, easily find and view all registrations made by your team for a given project.

Regardless of the subscription chosen (excluding single registrations), your files are stored in a secure cloud server. You can download them again if needed.

Classify registrations by project
user rights nondisclose

Assign user rights for secure access

With your Nondisclose subscription, you have access to a management interface for registrations and user rights administration.
Each user has access and usage rights linked to their profile.
Users can be grouped by department and only access a perimeter determined by their rights.

Be informed

For each action initiated by a user (viewing, downloading, or deleting a document or registration), the administrator will receive a notification for validation. Everything is under control.
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Nondisclose FAQ
How can I protect my company from plagiarism?

With Nondisclose, in case of a dispute, you will be able to provide proof of priority.

With each registration, you receive a time-stamped certificate. This document establishes the priority of your creation by recording it at a certain date. You can then produce this document in court and have a bailiff's report made on the registered documents.

What are the advantages of a subscription compared to a one-time registration?

In any case, Nondisclose allows you to register an idea, a creation, documents, and find the registration certificates on a dedicated administration interface.

However, opting for a subscription has some significant advantages:

  • The company can make as many registrations as necessary without any limit on the size or number of files.
  • You have access to a secure server for the storage of your files (The storage capacity varies depending on the subscription chosen).
  • Each user can organize their registrations by projects and create folders, subfolders, etc.
  • Users can share their folders and projects with other users on the account.
  • Users can be organized into teams and share their folders.

How can I protect my creations, files and registrations internationally?

By registering your files with, you save the exact date and time of the files you want to protect and guarantee their integrity. uses the Blockchain to store securely and immutably the information you register. Blockchain is a technology that is used internationally in many fields, including the financial sector, logistics, health, real estate, identity management, etc. Many companies, government organizations and individuals around the world use blockchain to securely store and transfer data in a decentralized way. The blockchain is designed to be resilient to censorship and corruption, making it particularly suitable for international use. Transactions are verified by a decentralized network of users, rather than by a single central entity, making it impossible for a person or group to modify or delete the data. For each registration, delivers a time-stamped certificate of registration, marked with a unique fingerprint, registered in the Blockchain and admissible internationally.

Is Nondisclose secure?

Nondisclose offers a solution based on the latest encryption and transaction certification technologies. Registrations are subject to optimal security through a combination of AES 256 encryption storage, SHA 256 fingerprinting, and transaction recording in the blockchain.

Do team members have access to all company registrations?

With your Nondisclose subscription, you have access to a registration management and user rights administration interface.

The administrator decides on access rights and restrictions for each user. Users can only see and access registrations and folders for which they have authorized access and which have been shared with them.

Users can be grouped into teams and only have access to a perimeter determined by their rights.

The administrator will receive a notification on certain user actions.

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