How Blockchain Technology Can Protect Intellectual Property in Fashion ?

A Closer Look at Fashion Week 2023

The fashion industry heavily relies on creativity and originality. However, it is also vulnerable to counterfeiting, plagiarism, and copying. In this context, protecting intellectual property is crucial for fashion businesses. Blockchain technology can help protect intellectual property in fashion.

Fashion Week and Intellectual Property in Fashion

Fashion weeks are major events in the fashion industry, allowing fashion designers to showcase their new collections to the public and buyers. However, these events can also pose risks to fashion businesses. Here are the 2 main risks fashion businesses face during a fashion week:

  1. Counterfeiting risk: during a fashion week, many buyers and resellers are present to discover the latest fashion trends. However, some of them may also attempt to copy the designs and creations of fashion businesses. Counterfeiting is a significant risk for fashion businesses during a fashion week.
  2. Intellectual property loss risk: during a fashion week, fashion designers can present their new creations. However, this can also expose their creations to copying and plagiarism. Businesses must take steps to protect their intellectual property in fashion during a fashion week.

To avoid these risks, fashion businesses can take preventive measures.

Protecting Fashion Designs

Protecting fashion designs is a critical issue for fashion businesses. Design protection allows fashion designers to protect their original creations, such as clothing, accessories, patterns, etc.‘s blockchain technology helps protect these creations by recording their timestamps on the blockchain. This allows creators to prove the originality and precedence of their creations. Intellectual property in fashion is thus guaranteed.

Protecting Fashion Brands

Protecting fashion brands is also a major issue for fashion businesses. Fashion brands are distinctive signs that differentiate a company’s products or services from those of its competitors. Fashion brand protection can be obtained by registering trademarks with the National Intellectual Property Institute (INPI). This allows businesses to protect their brand name and brand image against counterfeits.

Protecting Copyrights

Copyrights protect intellectual works, such as designs, photographs, videos, etc. Copyright protection is essential for fashion businesses that use images, videos, and designs in their marketing and promotion. technology helps protect copyrights by recording the timestamps of creations on the blockchain. This is the best way to protect intellectual property in fashion.

Protecting Confidentiality

Confidentiality protection is also important in the fashion industry. Fashion businesses must protect their trade secrets, such as designs, marketing plans, etc. technology helps protect confidentiality by recording non-disclosure agreements on the blockchain.

What to do in case of a counterfeiting dispute?

When a fashion business is involved in a counterfeiting case, courts need evidence to establish the liability of the parties involved. In this context, file timestamping with plays a crucial role by providing clear proof of the date and time of the creation of a design or fashion creation.

In a counterfeiting dispute, the court may require tangible evidence to establish the liability of the counterfeiting party. Tangible evidence may include samples of counterfeit products, photographs, contractual documents, and witness testimonies. File timestamping can also be used as evidence to support an intellectual property claim. It can prove the existence and originality of a fashion creation before the production of counterfeit products.

Courts may also require additional evidence to establish the intent of the party responsible for counterfeiting. For example, the court may request evidence that the responsible party was aware of the fashion business’s intellectual property and intentionally reproduced or copied the fashion business’s creations. In this case, file timestamping with is used to prove that the fashion business created its designs before the responsible party reproduced them.

The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Intellectual Property in Fashion

Blockchain technology offers several benefits for protecting intellectual property in the fashion industry. It provides long-term protection for intellectual property records. It also allows businesses to prove the originality, precedence, and authenticity of their creations. Lastly, it offers increased transparency and traceability, which can help combat counterfeiting and plagiarism.

By using blockchain technology to protect their intellectual property, fashion businesses can ensure that their original creations are protected against counterfeiting and plagiarism. They can also use blockchain technology to monetize their intellectual property

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